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FRP Toothed Tube

FRP custom products

FRP Toothed Tube

FRP Toothed Tube is a high-performance composite material tube that incorporates a specific toothed shape on its inner and outer surfaces to enhance structural rigidity and connection strength. This material combines lightweight, high strength, and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in automation machinery, automotive manufacturing, and construction engineering among other fields.

    Product Features
    Lightweight yet Strong
    The density of FRP material is only about one-quarter of steel, yet it closely matches in strength, significantly reducing the structural weight.

    Corrosion Resistance
    Capable of resisting various chemical substances, making it suitable for harsh external environments.

    Excellent Wear Resistance
    The unique toothed design provides additional friction, enhancing its lifespan under high load conditions.

    Thermal Stability
    Capable of withstanding high operational temperatures, accommodating different environmental demands.

    Easy Installation and Maintenance
    Compared to traditional metal materials, FRP Toothed Tube is easier to cut and install, with lower maintenance costs.

    Automation Machinery
    Serves as drive shafts or structural supports, improving the overall performance and stability of machinery.

    Automotive Manufacturing
    Used in vehicle structural components to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency.

    Construction Engineering
    Can be used as supporting materials or decorative structures in buildings, enhancing durability and aesthetic appeal.

    Used in non-load bearing parts of aircraft to optimize overall weight and performance.

    Technical Specifications
    High-strength glass fibers and high-quality resin

    Customizable to different lengths and diameters according to customer needs

    Standard color is gray, other colors can be customized to fit different application environments

    Complies with international quality and safety standards