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Rama 8 Bridge in Thailand using FRP pultruded profiles


Rama 8 Bridge, Thailand

2023-12-11 11:40:52
Rama 8 Bridge, Thailand33kf

The Rama 8 Bridge, situated over the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, was completed in 2001 and has since been operational. The main bridge extends 475 metres, encompassing a main span of 300 metres and an anchor span and back span of 175 metres, resulting in a total length of 2,480 metres. The bridge deck is designed to sustain a load of 2.5 KN/m2.

In order to reduce wind resistance, maintenance costs, and enhance aesthetic appeal, large steel bridges often employ GFRP pultruded hollow web panels to create a closed shell that encloses the exposed steel girders beneath the bridge deck. These panels are installed only after passing a field loading test.

Rama 8 Bridge, Thailand1g08
Rama 8 Bridge, Thailand2r4p

With the following features.
● Corrosion resistance.
● Low maintenance costs.
● Low electrical conductivity.
● Low weight.
● High strength.
● Dimensional stability.
● Easy and quick to install.
● Lightweight.