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Spanish apron with high-strength FRP deck boards


Spanish Tarmac

2023-12-11 13:48:42

The apron, situated atop the Tres Cruces Hospital in Bilbao, Spain, spans 3 meters and can accommodate helicopters weighing up to 6 tons (13,200 lbs). The composite material supplied by Spare was ideally suited to meet the technical requirements of corrosion resistance, lightweight construction, cost-effectiveness, and ease of design. The material features an anti-slip coating with a slip resistance exceeding 45 (class 3).
Moreover, with a weight of 60 kg/m2 (12.3 lb/m2), the material boasts a higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to other helipad materials. The material test results meet the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements with a fire rating of M1.

Spanish Tarmac80e
Spanish Tarmac1pxa