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Fiberglass walkways

FRP walkways

Fiberglass walkways

FRP Walkways are products made up of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) that are used to construct access roads and pedestrian walkways. These Walkways are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, durable and slip-resistant and are suitable for use in a variety of industrial, commercial and public locations.

    Advantages of FRP staircases
    1. Lightweight and Durable:FRP Walkways are made of fibre-reinforced plastic, which is lighter than traditional materials such as metal or concrete, while providing excellent strength and durability. They are able to withstand high loads and frequent use and are suitable for a wide range of environments and working conditions.

    2. Corrosion Resistant:FRP Walkways are not susceptible to corrosion and chemical attack and are suitable for use in wet, corrosive or chemical environments. This makes them widely used in special environments such as coasts, chemical plants, sewage treatment plants and so on.

    3. Anti-slip design:These Walkways usually have a special anti-slip surface design to ensure that pedestrians can maintain good traction in wet or greasy conditions, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

    4. Easy to install and maintain:FRP Walkways are usually modular in design and easy to install and remove. They have a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that allows users to maintain their appearance and performance through regular cleaning methods.

    5. Variety of options:These Walkways are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours to suit different locations and design needs. Whether it is an indoor factory walkway, an outdoor walkway or a pedestrian walkway in a public place, there is a suitable FRP Walkways product.

    Applications of FRP staircases
    FRP Walkways are widely used in a variety of industrial, commercial and public places, including but not limited to:

    ·Access roads and pedestrian bridges in industrial plants
    ·Pedestrian walkways in harbours, dockyards and ships
    ·Corrosion resistant walkways in chemical plants, sewage treatment plants and oil fields
    ·Roof gardens and walkways for commercial buildings
    ·Pedestrian walkways in parks, scenic areas and playgrounds
    The light weight, durability and safety features of these Walkways make them an integral part of modern industrial and construction projects, providing pedestrians with a safe, comfortable and convenient passage experience.