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Agricultural Hardware FRP Tool Handle


Agricultural Hardware FRP Tool Handle

The best tools for domestic and industrial work should consist of fiberglass polymer composites and steel components. Originally conceived as a unique solution for harsh industrial working conditions, fiberglass tool handles are rapidly replacing traditional wood and steel components in the professional and commercial markets.

    Advantages of Fiberglass Tool Handles
    High strength and light weight
    The significantly improved strength-to-weight ratio of polymer composites compared to traditional materials such as wood and steel has been a major factor in the success of this material. Compared to structural steel, pultruded fiberglass products offer significantly higher mechanical strength and a 75-80% weight reduction.

    Reducing the weight distribution of handheld tools without reducing the mechanical strength of the tool helps create safer, more durable tools for everyday use. This reduces the labor involved in transporting and using tools without compromising their physical capabilities, such as their resistance to physical impact. Polymer composite tool handles are suitable for heavy-duty steel hammer heads with a low risk of mechanical degradation due to sustained physical impact. Tools for particularly demanding applications can be reinforced at predetermined stress points.

    Corrosion resistance
    Wooden tool handles are susceptible to decay, especially when used frequently in wet or humid conditions or stored in outdoor tool sheds. Pultruded polymer composites can be reinforced by a “wetting” process that completely impregnates the glass fiber components with proprietary resins and creates a water-impermeable mechanical structure. This weathering performance represents a significant improvement over wood and steel, which are prone to oxidation and rusting through continued use.

    The excellent corrosion resistance of polymer composites increases tool life by eliminating the risk of failure due to rot and reducing the effects of rusting steel components. This property also ensures that the tool remains tactile for longer to maintain the comfort of handling the tool.

    Aesthetic options
    Polymer composite tool handles offer excellent mechanical properties and design advantages to meet a wide range of commercial needs. Polymer composites produced with tinted resins are not only able to take on a wide range of colors, but they also won’t flake or chip over time, making the aesthetic performance more durable and long-lasting. In contrast, the aesthetic treatment of paints and varnishes used to stain the surface of wood and metal tool handles degrades over time. The aesthetic properties of fiberglass tool handles, however, are embedded in their high-strength structural matrix, giving them long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

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